About us


Cario (formerly VikingCars) was founded in early 2014 with headquarters in Reykjavík, Iceland.

It was founded by two young Icelandic entrepreneurs who strongly believe in the future of peer to peer services, one of them being car sharing.

Apart from housing, a car is usually the most expensive investments families make. A car is costly to own and maintain and often it´s use is limited. That is why we have created a platform where people can share their cars in a safe way. This will help car owners to make some income to make it less costly to own a vehicle and it will help renters to rent a more personalized car at more affordable prices.

Many families in Iceland have two cars so sharing is a great opportunity while the car is not in use, especially during the summer. This is great as during the summer travellers are looking for special vehicles to travel in. By connecting those two groups together we can reduce the numbers of cars on the road and increase the use per car. By using the Cario platform we will therefore reduce traffic congestion, parking scarcity, material waste and pollution.

When travelling it is important to do something different and unique that you will remember. Icelanders have a unique car culture where Icelanders often modify their vehicles to better suit the Icelandic mountain environment. Some do drastic changes such as extra fuel tanks and special off-road equipment, while others only make minor changes like slightly larger tires. The Cario marketplace has unlimited opportunities for Icelanders to share their unique vehicles with travellers which want to try something different.

The Team

Sölvi Melax

Co-Founder - CEO

Sölvi is an adventurous entrepreneur with BA in International Business from Regent’s University, London.

He has recently moved back to Iceland after having lived in 5 different countries in 7 years. He is passionate about the sharing economy and the usage of technology to increase resource utilization, in this case a carsharing platform.

His hobbies are scouting, golf, folf and other outdoor sports

Baldur Árnason

Co-Founder - CTO

Baldur Árnason is a software developer with years of experience in web design. Baldur has a BS degree in Computer Science from University of Iceland

In his spare time he volunteers for the Scouts and is on the board for the Reykjavík Scout association.

His hobbies are saltwater aquariums, photography and travelling

Gústaf Halldór Gústafsson

Software Developer & Project Manager

Gústaf has finished 2 years of computer science from the University of Iceland.

His hobbies include sports, listening to music and going to the gym, Mjölnir (where he also coaches part time).

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Cario ehf

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