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Signing up is simple: you only need to supply a valid email address and your full name.

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Find a car you like

Enter your travel dates and look for the perfect car that suits your needs.

There are three official pickup locations but, as long as you are travelling to or from Keflavík Airport, they are very convenient.

Note:You can either select one of the pickup locations or agree with the owner to meet elsewhere.

List your car

After signing up, it is time to tell us everything about your car.

Add a few pictures, tell us how special your car is and where it is most convenient for you to do the handover to renters.

After that, we will review your car and get it in the air as soon as possible.

Update your calendar

Make sure you update your calendar regularly so you do not miss out on rentals because your car is not listed as available.


You should find a lot of information in the car description and on the website. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the car owner or the Cario team.


If a potential renter sends you a message we will send you an email so you can answer him/her.

Rent a car

Once you have found a car you are happy with, go ahead and rent it. After you have filled in all the details you should receive a confirmation email.

Take the bus

If you have chosen to rent the car at one of the bus terminals then please make sure you have the voucher with you.

Meet the renter

Meet the renter and sign the agreement. Show them your car and tell them about travelling in Iceland and tell them about

Pick up the car

Meet the owner at the time and date you booked the car on. Sign the contract and before you depart, take pictures of the car and note any pre-existing damage.

Return the car

At the end of your trip, replace the gas you used and meet the owner at the time and date you booked.

Make sure to say thanks and write a review to help him with future rentals!

Collect keys

When the renter returns the car make a quick inspection of it.

Talk to them about the vehicle condition and make sure everything is in order.

Still have questions ?
Still have questions ?