Owner’s guide

It is up to the car owner to set the price. In order to set your own price you compare with similar cars already listed on our website. You can always change the price so don't hesitate to try out different prices. Correct pricing will increase your occupancy rate. Too high of a price might result in fewer bookings so we suggest you start off low and then increase the price until you find the right price for your car.
For bookings received before the 8th of June 2016, car owners receive 70% of the rental price.

For bookings received at or after the 8th of June 2016, car owners receive 75% of the rental price.

On first Friday following the completion of the rental, transfer will be made to your account by Cario given that payment has been received from the relevant credit card company. Please make sure your bank account details are correct in the Manage section of the Cario website.
We accept privately owned cars registered in Iceland which are less than 12 years old. All cars have to have an insurance from one of the large insurance companies which are Sjóvá, VÍS, TM and Vörður. The cars should have a surveillance certificate showing that the car has been inspected without any remarks (löggild aðalskoðun án athugasemda).
Should you receive a fine (parking tickets, speeding fines, tolls etc.), you revert to Cario by sending an email to cario@cario.is. Cario will then pursue payment on your behalf, you should not pay the fine without confirming with Cario.
Income earned by renting out your car is taxable. However the rate on taxation depends on your personal tax situation and it is your responsibility to account for your taxable income. For more information please visit this site for information in English and this site for information in Icelandic.

Renters are responsible for replacing any fuel used during the rental, using the appropriate one (i.e. gasoline, diesel or methane). It can be good to keep your receipts for few days in case there are discrepancies between the owner and the renter.

We recommend that owners handover the car with a full tank in order to make it easier for everyone to determine how much gas the renter should refill. To avoid disputes, you can take a picture of the gas gauge at the start of your trip and again at the end.

If a car is returned with less gas than it had at the start of the rental, then in order to seek reimbursement the owner should report the cost of replacing the shortage to the renter and cario@cario.is within 24 hours, including a receipt, and the renter will be charged for the cost plus an inconvenience fee.

All cars rented through Cario have extra insurance during the rental period. The renter covers all extra cost that is not covered in the insurance. Car renters should contact 112 in case there are injuries or there is a dispute on-site.

In case of a late return please notify us at cario@cario.is with the following information:

- the renter's name

- details of the trip (time and date)

- actual return time

Consequently we will confirm with the renter, and proceed with billing them for this additional time.

No, smoking in the car is not allowed unless specifically mentioned in the car description.
It is not possible to set a limit to how much the driver can drive.
A car that is rented out needs to be registered as a car rental car ("Ökutækjaleiga") at Samgöngustofa. There is no need to change the registration until a rental has been confirmed. You can send this form directly to Samgöngustofa
You as the owner pay for the extra insurance needed on the car while it is being rented out. The insurance companies charge a daily fee and then bill you for the total.