Renter’s Guide

Everything is included in the price listed on the website, insurance, booking fees and transaction fees.
There is no limit on what distance you are allowed to drive during your rental period.

Renters can cancel their booking at any time via email to

The total amount refunded will depend on when the renter cancels the trip (please see table below). There is no refund issued for early returns.

The rental price will be refunded as per the rules below:


Percentage refunded:

> 10 days before trip starts and < 48 hours from booking


> 10 days before trip starts


2 - 10 days before the trip starts


< 2 days before trip starts


Yes, we do! We offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week assistance. You can be connected (free of charge) with a dispatcher who will help you.

Please note that depending on the nature of the call, the renter or owner may be responsible for fees associated with the actual service provided (towing, locksmith, battery jump, etc.) during the event.

If you are experiencing an emergency please call 112. If you require road assistance service, please call +354 544 4200.

It is up to the renter and the owner to finalize a pickup/dropoff location. Cario however offers three practical and recognizable locations for handover of vehicles. Those are Keflavík International Airport, BSÍ Bus Station and Holtagarðar Bus Station. The car owner will deliver the vehicle at one of these locations at the time you have requested. You and the owner can iron out the details of delivery through the messaging system on our website.
You need to have a valid driving license and be at least 20 years of age.
Only the person that has signed the agreement with the car owner may drive the vehicle. If you want to request an additional driver you can do so when you sign the agreement. All drivers must sign the agreement.

Renters are responsible for replacing any fuel used during the rental, using the appropriate one (i.e. gasoline, diesel or methane). It can be good to keep your receipts for few days in case there are discrepancies between the owner and the renter.

We recommend that owners handover the car with a full tank in order to make it easier for everyone to determine how much gas the renter should refill. To avoid disputes, you can take a picture of the gas gauge at the start of your trip and again at the end.

If a car is returned with less gas than when it was picked up, in order to seek reimbursement, the owner should report the cost of replacing the shortage to the renter and to within 24 hours, including a receipt, and the renter will be charged for the cost, plus an inconvenience fee.

No, having pets in the car is not allowed unless you get a special permission from the car owner.
You should not need one as all drivers and passengers in Iceland are insured for hospital bills and compensation for associated loss of earnings by law. For more information please check the Icelandic traffic law by clicking here.
The insurance is included in the car rental price.

Cario accepts most international credit cards issued by major financial institutions. We also accept some debit cards linked to a checking account.

We recommend using credit cards rather than debit cards, as any refund or a release of an authorization on a credit card will typically be processed by your bank significantly faster than on a debit card.

No, smoking in the car is not allowed unless specifically mentioned in the car description.

Cars rented through Cario have insurance from one of the major insurance companies in Iceland, which are VÍS, TM, Vörður and Sjóvá. The insurance is comparable with standard car rental insurance in Iceland. The insurance includes Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). In some cases CDW incidents are the owner's responsibility. The cost of the insurance is included in the prices displayed on the Cario website.

In general the insurance does not cover incidents which have the nature of force majeure, incidents caused by illegal, reckless or negligence behaviour of the driver.

For more detailed information please check the following links: Third party liability insurance for VÍS, Vörður, TM and Sjóvá.

Yes, you can. On the car's profile page you have the option to "Send message". Sending a message gives you the opportunity to get to know the owner and the car a little bit better before you make your decision. Owners usually respond within 24 hours.